Laura Metaal Road Safety is developer, producer and supplier of road safety equipment such as guardrails, barriers and perimeter security.

Laura Metaal combines over 80 years of experience with a continuous focus on innovation. We are constantly looking to improve upon our existing product lines and services with new, better and more cost-effective solutions. We also offer our customers full flexibility: we’d be happy to co-create a custom-made solution meeting your specific wishes.

About Laura Metaal

Laura Metaal is a Dutch steel trading service and fabrication company that started as N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander in 1937. In 1968, IJzerwerk Hollander was bought by Laura & Vereeniging. The company then continued as Laura Metaal N.V. and increased its product range with new products including road barriers. Since then, Laura Metaal has kept growing successfully and has greatly increased its production sites and product range. Among our previous innovations is the BarrierGuard 800.

Nowadays the company exists of four divisions: Road Safety, Fabrications, Sheet Pile and Steel Service Center. These divisions are spread over various locations in The Netherlands and their products are well known worldwide.

Laura Metaal Fabrications

Laura Metaal Fabrications produces serial products and composed products by means of shearing, flame-, plasma- and laser cutting, press braking, rolling, bending, punching, machining and welding.

Laura Metaal SHEET PILE

Customised sheet piling for every project. Exceptional high quality through cold forming – exactly the right profile for your project and never too heavy.

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht

Decoiling and pickling, coil trade and storage. With advanced machinery, Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht processes steel accurately and according to your specifications.

Laura Metaal Road Safety

Laura Metaal Road Safety is developer, producer and supplier of road safety equipment such as guard rail, barriers and perimeter security.

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Sam Arnold, Vice President of Sales
North America
Phone: 800-758-3050 or 702-664-2009
Cell: 702-204-0732

Stephan Flapper, Director Road Safety & Business Development
Phone: +31 (0)45 5468 820