Laura Metaal introduces SafeZone™, the first approved MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection temporary steel road barrier

New state of the art steel barrier SafeZoneTM will be presented at the Transportation Research Board convention in Washington DC January 7-11, 2018.

SafeZone barrier

Laura Metaal proudly presents SafeZoneTM as their new and innovative solution in road safety. SafeZoneTM is a unique patented and tested steel barrier for work zone protection and lane division. SafeZoneTM is the only temporary barrier on the market that meets MASH TL-3 up to MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection with one single product.

Safe barriers for road workers and passengers

With SafeZone, Laura Metaal has created a smart barrier for both permanent and temporary applications, which offers optimum safety for both road workers and car drivers and passengers. Michael van der Vlist explains: “With SafeZoneTM, temporary protection at MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection level is now available. This means that key spots such as bridges can get this extra level of protection. With this, SafeZoneTM is the next generation of road safety barriers.”

Innovative multipurpose system

With SafeZoneTM, Laura Metaal builds upon the success of their widely used BarrierGuard 800 system. SafeZoneTM has been developed, engineered and produced in-house to create a premium road safety system that is ready for the requirements of today and tomorrow. It is a multipurpose system based on standard elements that allows for use as a MASH TL3, TL3 Limited Deflection, TL4 and TL4 Limited Deflection system. This makes SafeZoneTM the ultimate flexible barrier system, says Michael van der Vlist, Director Road Safety. “SafeZoneTM is also the easiest deployable barrier on the market. The 19 ft. elements can simply be hooked together by lowering one barrier over the connector of the previous. This ensures ultra-quick placement. When the sections are linked, a single pre-installed locking bolt ensures the sections to remain securely fastened at all times. If desired, two or three sections can remain connected permanently for quicker placement on the road. If companies are looking for a specific solution, we also offer engineering support. This way, we can offer our customers full flexibility.” Also, the extremely robust hot dip galvanized high strength steel barrier shows very little wear and tear and therefore has an expected lifespan of over 20 years. As SafeZoneTM can be shipped with 600 ft. per truck, less transportation is necessary.


During the TRB (Transportation Research Board, 97th Annual Meeting), customers will get the chance to be the first to view SafeZoneTM. The TRB will take place in Washington D.C. from January 7th till January 11th 2018.

Orders and inquiries

The SafeZoneTM barrier is now ready to order. For inquiries or orders, contact Sam Arnold, Vice President of sales North-America, – 702-204-0732. More information can be found on

About Laura Metaal

Laura Metaal is a Dutch steel trading, service and fabrication company with 80 years of experience. Laura Metaal Holding consists of four business units: Road Safety, Fabrications, Sheet Pile & Steel Service Center. All Laura Metaal products are developed, engineered and produced in-house. With their continuous focus on innovation, Laura Metaal is constantly improving upon their existing product lines and services with new, better and more cost-effective solutions.